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Ephesians led by Pastor Dave

5:00-6:00 PM


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Stay-Home-Faith-Based Film Series

We’ve had many compelling female main characters this series, and this week’s film offers up one of our most interesting, and the most biblical. Written by a Fuller Seminary grad, HOSEA is a modern-day retelling of an ancient story through the eyes of its forgotten female character: his wife.
Hosea was a prophet in ancient Israel required to marry a prostitute to literally embody Jehovah’s unrequited love for his people, who kept returning to other gods. (Hosea’s wife is named “Gomer” in the Bible, but renamed “Cate” here, probably because of the associations with the TV show “Gomer Pyle: USMC,”
unfortunately adding to the forgotten nature of the original woman.)
From the film’s discussion guide: “While the ancient story of Hosea has been told by two of the world’s biggest faith traditions as a metaphor for love and forgiveness, it has also and unfortunately been used throughout history to subjugate women, justify spousal abuse, and blame victims of violence and sex trafficking as though their painful experiences were their own fault. Hosea, the film, offers an alternative version of this tale, told from Gomer’s point of view… . Hosea invites us to look at…[Cate] as a whole person and challenges our assumptions about people in circumstances that might, at first glance, appear different from our own.”
We discussed feminist film theory last week; this week we’ll use this film as a springboard to look at feminist theologians and their responses to the story of Gomer and other women in scripture.
This film is rated R and deals with the subject matter of prostitution, sexual abuse and self-harm explicitly, so viewer discernment is in order. See the discussion page (link below) for alternatives. R. 90 min.
Rent the film for as low as $3.99:
Read the Jewish Publication Society’s translation of Hosea:
Join the discussion thread after watching the film: