Life is all about relationships and the web of interconnections we foster as we make our way through this world. If there is anything science has increasingly revealed, in recent years, it is by sharing 99.9% of our DNA with every other human being, and being no more than 8 generations separated from a familial link to everyone else, we are even more closely connected, as a human family, than we ever thought possible before. As we try to figure out how to rebuild our world and our lives after this pandemic, to piece the puzzle of a quality life back together, what are the foundational building blocks to a rewarding and inspired life? What role does our generosity of time, money, connection play in keeping ourselves centered in the flow that makes life worth living? Join us this stewardship season as we explore the nature and rewards of a truly interconnected existence.    


After a wonderful RECOMMITMENT SUNDAY celebration, our focus shifts to getting in all of our pledge cards ASAP so that we can build our BPC budget for 2024. With such dramatic inflation this past year, and fix costs spiking, we really need everyone who is possibly able to raise their pledge if we want to keep the same staff and ministries we all love and count on at BPC. We also need your pledge in as quickly as possible (hopefully before December) so we have time to make alternate plans if any big changes need to be made for 2024. If you have not already handed in your intention for 2024 please pray and ponder and submit your pledge card or pledge online.