Brentwood Presbyterian Church Job Opening


Children’s Ministry at BPC is committed to nurturing children in their Christian faith, providing them with opportunities to grow in God’s grace, and enabling them to develop the spiritual resources necessary for life’s journey and for a loving relationship with God, self and others.
Position Summary:  
Assist the Director of Children’s Ministry in creating an environment and an educational curriculum that will nurture children in their Christian faith, and provide them with the opportunity to grow in God’s grace, giving them the spiritual resources necessary for a lifelong relationship with God, one’s self and others.
Key Responsibilities:
–  Plan and organize a meaningful weekly Christian classroom experience for our preschool age children.
– Help organize monthly and seasonal events.
– Assure that a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment is maintained for
the children and their families.
– Maintain continuing and open communications with the families, staff and
congregational members to facilitate a successful children  Sunday school
– Oversee Childcare staff and scheduling.
– Attend monthly CMC meetings.
– Perform administrative tasks of the Children’s Ministry that cannot be absorbed
by the office administrative staff. (Advertisement, flyers, event promotion)
– Maintain craft room and snack closet stocked with supplies used on a
weekly basis.
– Maintain communication with BPCP School directors (Shiva Khalifian & Andrea 
– Fulfill Childcare request for various committees and events.
– Outreach to new or visiting families.
Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Essential (or Desired Characteristics)
– High level of personal organization.
– Love of children, and experience working with the age groups involved in the
Sunday school programs.
– Comfortable and successful in using teamwork to accomplish goals.
– Strong oral and written communication skills.
– A creative and flexible personality.
– Experience with the age groups involved in the Sunday school programs.
– College degree from an accredited university (BS, BA)
– Good computer skills
Accountability and Evaluation:
– Position reports to the Director of Children’s Ministry.
– A performance review conducted annually.
– Supervise preschool teachers who report to the coordinator.
Position Specifics:
Hours: 20 hours a week including Sundays.
1. Three paid days of sick leave.
2. Two weeks of paid vacation (not to be taken during Easter/Advent).
3. No health benefits are included.
FSLA status: Non-exempt
Submit applications to: Michelle LoMonaco at: