Endowment Grant Submission Schedule has been amended. 
Educational Grant Deadline – May 1, 2020
All other Grant Request Deadline – June 1, 2020
To request an endowment application packet, please contact Pat.Nahigian@bpcusa.org.

What are Endowment Funds?
Endowment Funds represent funds set aside by the donor or by Session to provide income in perpetuity to support the goals of Brentwood Presbyterian Church. The endowment funds are not available to be spent; they are invested in income-producing assets. The income and capital appreciation earned are available to be spent in accordance with the terms of the particular endowment fund.
BPC Endowment Assistance
The BPC Endowment Committee has access to BPC members who are estate attorneys that can assist in planning wills, trusts and gifts. In addition, Presbyterian Foundation can assist in advanced charitable gift planning.
Endowment Criteria
The Endowment Ministry uses the following criteria to evaluate grant applications:
1. Proposed projects must meet the specific criteria of the particular endowment funds being applied for.
2. Proposals must come from established BPC committees and be approved by a Ministry Leader, Deacon, Elder, Pastor or staff member for that committee.
3. Proposed projects should be non-recurring items, not substitutes for normal operating budget items (unless specified otherwise by the donor of an individual fund).
4. Proposed objectives should be consistent with BPC’s mission, goals and core values.
5. Preference will be given to projects that benefit a relatively large or particularly needy population, as opposed to projects that benefit a fairly narrow population or one that has other resources available.
6. Preference will be given to projects that result in visible, measurable and lasting benefits.
Types of Gifts
– Cash
– Stocks
– Bonds
– Real Estate
– Life Insurance
– Retirement Plans: IRAs, 401Ks
Ways you can give:
– Establish a memorial fund to honor a loved one.
– Establish a fund in your name.
– Establish a fund where others can donate, or give to an existing fund.
– Give during your lifetime, or leave a bequest in your will or trust.
– Designate funds for a specific area of interest or for the ongoing support of BPC programs.
Permanent Remembrances
List of current funds:
Capital Improvement Fund:
supports improvements to BPC’s facilities.
Dickinson Mission Fund:
supports mission projects.
Gore Program Fund:
supports creativity in ministries, serving as “seed money” for new activities.
Craig Harrington Musician Development Scholarship Fund:
supports the training and educational needs of musicians.
Olive Hall Fund:
supports students studying for Christian ministry or pursuing higher education.
Johnson Youth Music Fund:
supports Youth Choirs.
Jones Family Fund:
supports BPC musicians and others assisting the Music Ministry.
McClintock Fund:
is an unrestricted fund and may be used for any purpose.
Mission Fund:
supports mission projects.
Mustard Seed Fund:
supports homeless women and children and those who are studying for Christian ministry.
Champion Porter Educational Fund:
supports students studying for Christian ministry.
Rhe Press Memorial Fund
is an unrestricted fund and may be used for any purpose.
Shields Fund:
supports scholarships in education for laity.
Talbot Fund:
supports BPC facility maintenance and capital improvements.
Barbara J. Wagner Fund For Children:
supports projects serving children, especially those in need.
Youth Endowment Fund:
supports programs for the youth of BPC.