Becoming a Member

How can I join?
So glad you asked! We have modified our New Member class to a one-Sunday session. Two weeks after the class, you will be presented as a group to the congregation. This gives us the opportunity to welcome you as a family. If you or any family member would like to be baptized, it will be arranged for that Sunday as well.
Those wishing to join BPC will meet with the Session, then will be presented to the congregation at the 10:30 AM worship service on Sunday.
Come attend our New Member Class! The next one will be held on Sunday, February 11, 2018
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Place: Room 121
Join us for this one-day class to become a member of the BPC family. Meet the Pastors! Ask questions! For more information, call the church office at 310.826.5656 to request a registration packet and a schedule of upcoming events.
See below for more information:

Why become a member?
Living in an impersonal culture like Los Angeles highlights our need to have a group of people we can call family and a place we can call home. We hope that you will find that home here at BPC.
The church is a dynamic community that fulfills a variety of needs that are as strong today as ever: the need to worship together, to be loved and accepted, and to love others. Membership means that you are ready to make a commitment to worship regularly and support the ministries with your time, talents and financial resources as you are able. Membership at BPC strengthens your sense of community.
What is the difference between a frequent worshipper and a member?
BPC welcomes and cares for frequent worshippers and members. However, Los Angeles is a large city; committing to BPC will nurture your sense of belonging.
Is membership at BPC required to participate in the life of the church?
No, membership is not required for participation in BPC events. Everyone is welcome at all events. Participation in any and all of BPC’s ministries is welcomed and encouraged. Membership is required to vote in meetings of the congregation and to serve in an elected position: Elder, Deacon, Nominating, Personnel and Development.
What is done with the information provided in the red “Friendship Pad”?
The information is recorded in the church records to identify continuing participants in worship. If you indicate “Wish to Join,” and share your email address, you will be notified of the next New Member Discovery Class.
How do I become a Member?
Participate in our New Member Discovery Class and learn about the Presbyterian Christian faith and how BPC is organized. You will also learn about the caregiving ministries of BPC. You will be invited (not required) to participate in a one-day mission event. When you have completed the class, you will meet our Session (the governing board at BPC) for a time of fellowship and faith-sharing and be introduced to the congregation during worship. After you become a member, you will be invited to a reunion with members of your class, to reconnect with each other and with our pastor.
If I attend the New Member Discovery Class, am I required to join?
No, the process is designed to allow participants to learn more about BPC. Prior to meeting with the session, you may let our staff know that membership is not desired by you at this time.
My partner does not desire membership. May I become a member?
Yes! Some BPC members have partners of a different faith. Your partner is welcome to attend all of our classes with no obligation to become a member.
Is childcare provided at the New Member Discovery Class?
Yes – with RSVP. So if you do plan to attend and have children, please let us know.
How do I become involved in ministry?
We believe in the “priesthood of all believers” (1 Peter 9:2). We are people with spiritual gifts called by God to build up the church, and to bring peace and healing in our world. The New Member Discovery Class will help you discover how you are gifted and direct you to areas of ministry where you may serve others according to your gifts and interests. You will also learn how to be a recipient of BPC’s ministries of care, and how we provide comfort and hope for people going through times of distress.

Other Questions and Information:

If you have questions about joining Brentwood Presbyterian Church or would like to get involved in its many activities and programs, you can call the church office at 310.826.5656.