NOVEMBER 10, 2019

8:00AM & 10:30AM
Sermon Title:  “WHO, ME?”
Scripture:  MARK 6:30-44
Sermon Notes:  

Many of us have heard the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand countless times. There were only a few loaves and fishes, and yet all were fed with much left over. How is this possible? The focus is often on the miracle that Jesus did, and the idea that Jesus makes the impossible possible. While that is a vital part of our faith, the part of the story that often gets looked over is Jesus telling the disciples, “You give them something to eat.” The emphasis here is on “YOU!” Jesus, even in the midst of working a miracle, does not let his followers off the hook. He tells them to organize the people and to feed them. Jesus equipped and empowered them to feed the people, and he equips and empowers us as well. He says to each of us, “You do it!” and our response is our mission! With faith in Christ, we trust that God calls us forth to be co-creators and mission co-workers in this world that God created and loves.  


READ Mark 6:30-44


1.       What is your favorite mission project of BPC? What do you love about it?

2.       How do you prioritize mission? How do you decide how to participate, whether through prayer, volunteering, or donation?

3.       How do you feel about Jesus saying, “You do it!” Is that empowering, or intimidating? What role does your faith play in your views on mission, and how do we work with God to love and serve others?



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Rev. Dave Carpenter, Pastor
Rev. Lora East,
Associate Pastor