4-2-21 Rev. Dave Carpenter

“Sometimes it causes me to tremble….tremble….tremble.  Were you there when they crucified my Lord.” – “Were you There” (Old African American Spiritual)


Today is the day we eat the bitter herbs dipped in the salt water.  Today is the day we face the depth and shame of our complicity in Jesus’ death.  We may not have been the ones hammering the nails or piercing his side with the sword, but, have no doubt, it was our fear and greed, our jealousy and resentments, our hypocrisy, judgmentalism and insecurities, that sent Jesus to the cross.  Today is a pivotal piece of the most influential and important week in human history, the central, penultimate week for us as followers of this man, Jesus of Nazareth.  In journeying along with Christ throughout this week; from the supper to the betrayal, the arrest, the denial, the trial and even to the foot of the cross for today’s crucifixion, we prepare ourselves to not just witness but take our rightful place, alongside Jesus, in the resurrection to new life and new hope on Easter morning.  By identifying with the part we play in the events and drama of this week; by allowing ourselves to contemplate where, when and in what ways, we are like Judas, Peter, Pilate, Mary, Caiaphas, Barabbas, the fickle crowd, or doubting Thomas, we allow Jesus’ story to become our story and prepare to allow Christ to come to us in a new and personal way through the resurrection.  I do hope you will join us tonight for a very special Good Friday night service at 7 PM featuring Glenn’s “7 Last Words of Christ” and then again on Sunday morning at 10 am as we not only celebrate the resurrection but participate in it, as we explore the new plans and new things God is doing inside of us as we prepare to emerge from this most bewildering and disorientating year.


Prayer:  “God, help me to allow a part of me to die with you today, on the cross, that I might be ready to be raised to new life with you on Sunday.  Help me to be not just a witness to your resurrection but a genuine participant in it.  Amen”

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