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Sermon Series:

“Gifts For The Journey”

Second Sunday of Advent:
Sunday, December 9, 2018
Preaching: Rev. Dave Carpenter
“An Unearthly Kind of Peace”
Sermon Notes: 
Throughout this Advent season we are talking about the gifts God longs to give us for the journey.  These are the gifts that will help us prepare our hearts to arrive at the side of the manger on Christmas Eve and to receive the ultimate present that God has been dying to give us since the beginning of time, new life through God’s son Jesus Christ.  Last week we talked about a sacred sort of longing and encouraged us to be reflective and honest about the deepest, purest desires of our hearts.  This week we look an “Unearthly Kind of Peace”.  Jesus promised us a peace very different from what the world typically thinks of as peace.  Where does real peace come from and how does it affect us?  How might God’s peace help us navigate the glitz, rush and hecticness, even the disappointments and pain that can come along with the Advent season?  If we were to unwrap and clothe ourselves in this divine kind of peace now, how might it change our own life and journey to Bethlehem?  How might it change the lives, and impact the journey, for those around us?
READ: Luke 1:1-38
1)      In what ways was Zechariah’s reaction to the news of the first advent different than Mary’s?  Who had more to lose?  How do you think Mary was able to react the way she did?  How did their reactions impact their experiences of the first Christmas? 
2)      How is God’s sort of peace different than the world’s?  If God’s peace comes not so much from a lack of chaos, struggle and conflict but from a deep down assurance of God’s presence, how could that change our lives?  How could that change our experience of Advent and Christmas?
3)      Where in your life could you use a little more peace this advent season?  Practically speaking, what would it take for you to accept, open and put on that gift now, before advent proceeds any further?

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Sermon Series – Gifts for the Journey
Sundays, December 2 – December 24
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