This Coming Sunday’s Service


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Title: “A New Kind of Church”
Preaching: Rev. Dave Carpenter
Scripture:  Isaiah 43:19
“If you have a new world, you need a new church. 
You have a new world.”
– Brian McLaren
Sermon Notes:
There is no question that the vast majority of our Christian churches have been shrinking in the US.  Less people are coming to church less often as the postmodern world becomes more closely inter-connected, secular in nature and wary of fundamental forms of all faith.  Too many people see the Christian church as archaic, mean-spirited, judgmental, ingrown, entitled, tired, petty and out of touch.  Jesus, they love!  The actual Gospel of Jesus Christ has, and always will be, gracious, good, right, attractive and compelling to all who encounter it on its own terms but the church we cloth it in must always be reforming if it is to stay relevant.  We can no longer afford to just sit back on our laurels, open our doors and wait for people to find us and flock in.  I believe that here at BPC we are on to many of the key shifts that the church of the future will need to embrace to remain faithful to the Gospel of Christ in our time and culture.  Let us never tire of becoming more and more open and welcoming, relational and invitational, missional and relevant to our community and world.

READ: Isaiah 43:19

  • Are there, in your opinion, out of date traditions, attitudes or practices in the church that may be hampering us from sharing the core of Jesus’ Gospel with people?  What sort of changes do you think the church should be making?
  • How open are you to new thoughts and ideas, new ways of doing things, in your own faith?  In your church?  What does the phrase “reformed and always reforming” mean to you?
  • What might it look like practically, in our church, to be more open and welcoming?  How about more relational and invitational?  How about more missional and relevant?


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Choir Sunday
“As we look upon the year, each and every one of us has a story in our mind and heart; of the transformational power of worship, music and community at BPC. There are so many people in the Worship & Arts Ministry that bring their amazing talents to the worship of God our creator. We, the makers and we, the listeners are filled with gratitude and joy. I use this Choir Sunday as an opportunity to invite you to pray and ponder being involved in the arts ministry. I have a feeling there are folks in the pews that play an instrument or sing song and I have a feeling that the choir could be the welcoming, spiritual community for you to resurrect your talents. Please consider stepping forward to explore the many ways to use your gifts toward the creative expression via worship. You won’t regret it. Blessings and thank you for your support!”
– Katheryne Levin, Worship & Arts Director


Last week’s sermon notes are below:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Guest Preacher: Mr. Kevin M. Chaplin

We are grateful to have Mr. Chaplin return as Guest Preacher, he is the Managing Director of Amy Foundation, a non-profit organization running programs to develop and empower 5-25-year old youth in the impoverished townships of Cape Town, South Africa.
He is a resident lecturer at University of Miami as well as a speaker at numerous international conferences, corporate events and universities.


Rev. Dave Carpenter, Pastor