This Coming Sunday’s Service
Sunday, October 21, 2018

“Be Relevant 

Preacher: Dr. Charlene Jin Lee 
Sermon Notes:
Three Words John 21:9-17
Three simple words for a simply rich life:
This Sunday, we hear Jesus speak words of final instructions to Peter. There must have been so much to say, so much more to teach, so many explanations to provide for all that has happened and all that is to come. Yet, Jesus uses the power and poetry of three words to sum up what is at the center of his heart. These words are all we need to figure out how to live… how to live richly! Come, let us hear Christ’s invitation and instruction for a life richly lived as a faithful steward of God’s generous love.
Did you know that “Christian” is a verb?

He Qi Jesus Appears to the Disciples Printed with Permission (

Prayer: God of Love, My desire is to live a life worthy of Your love poured into me. Move my profession of faith into a confession of love. Move my confession of love for You into movements of love in this world. Receive my acts of service—big and small—as my bold profession of faith. I confess my love for You as I care for your Beloved. Amen.

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Rev. Dave Carpenter, Pastor