This Coming Sunday’s Service


February 24, 2019:


“Make Visible God’s Unconditional Love
2 Corinthians 3:2-3
Preaching: Dr. Charlene Jin Lee
 Church needs windows!
Big ones.
And doors.
Wide open ones.
Can you imagine such a church?
Those in it pay attention to a clear view of the world outside, and those outside can see clearly the joy of the gathering inside. The doorways are so wide that walking in and walking out are indiscernible-there is a lot of movement at the doorways.
Through the breezeways, sounds of the streets and the chorus of songs mix together a strangely beautiful harmony of anguish and hope, lament and wonder, fear and faith.
In this kind of church, the people sing, speak, and act on the truth of God’s love for the world made perfectly known in Jesus Christ. The church today is called to live and move as Jesus lived and moved during his earthly ministry-healing and repairing, welcoming and loving. We are called to make visible God’s unconditional love! 
We are to make visible, make heard, make known the eternal that lights up in the midst of the temporal. The faithful church with big windows and wide doors earnestly seeks to be the place where God’s love dwells, the place from which God’s love flows out. Join us for worship this Sunday as we gather around God’s love.
Come just as you are.
You are welcome here. 
– Dr. Charlene Jin Lee

Please join us this week in worship at 8:00am and 10:30am. We look forward to greeting you!



Sermon Series – A New Kind of Church
Sundays, January 13 – March 10, 2019
Rev. Dave Carpenter, Pastor
Dr. Charlene Jin Lee, Interim Pastoral Associate