School of Christian Learning (SCL)

The School of Christian Learning (SCL) provides intellectual and spiritual inquiry as part of strengthening Christian faith among our congregants. Adult Ministry also oversees our Spiritual Life Retreat and the Small Groups that meet regularly to promote spiritual growth and fellowship.
Join us: Sunday mornings 9:15AM- 10:15AM in the Garden Room
for interesting and thought-provoking SCL classes!
School of Christian Learning
Upcoming Classes
Sunday, June 16 & 23 – Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher
Sunday, June 30 – Rabbi Elliott Dorff
SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 23,  2019
9:15AM – 10:15AM Garden Room
Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher

“How  the Old Testament Informs Modern Christian Faith”

What exactly IS “Old Testament Theology”?  

HOW can the Old Testament inform modern Christian Faith and Practice? 
Join us as we spend three Sundays and think about this together.  
(1) The problems with the Old Testament for Christians.
(2) The challenges of the Old Testament for Christians.
(3) Praying and Acting with the Old Testament as Christians.